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eventsGreetings all, please see a full list of events that will be taking place at The Fairy from February to May this year.

We will be posting more information on each event as they get closer, otherwise please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to book or even jus to chat about the event you are interested in. 






Schedule of Events



February 1st                               12h00 – 17h00       Mosaicing and Decoupage

February 8th                              09h00 – 12h00       Just Unwind Promotion

February 14th                            19h00 – 24h00       Zombie Valentines’ Night

February 15th                            09h00 – 12h00       Scrapbooking

February 20th                            19h00 – 24h00       Geek Quiz

February 22nd                           09h00 – 12h00       Beginners’ Acrylic Painting

12h00 – 17h00       Mosaicing and Decoupage

February 27th                            19h00 – 22h00       Pewter & Wine Night



March 1st                                    09h00 – 13h00       Beading

March 6th                                   19h00 – 22h00       Subversive Cross-Stitch & Wine

March 8th                                   14h00 –  17h00       Teddies and Tea & Scones

March 13th                                 19h00 – 24h00       Geek Quiz

March 15th                                 09h00 – 13h00       Warm Glass

March 22nd                                12h00 – 17h00       Mosaicing and Decoupage

March 27th                                 19h00 – 22h00       Beading & Wine Night

March 29th                                 09h00 – 13h00       Pewter

March 27th – April 4th             08h00 – 14h00       Holiday Program



April 5th                                       09h00 – 13h00  Warm Glass

April 12th                                     09h00 – 13h00       Scrapbooking

09h00 – 13h00       Knitting & Crocheting

April 17th                                     19h00 – 22h00       Mosaicing & Wine

April 24th                                     19h00 – 24h00       Geek Quiz



May 10th                                                      09h00 – 13h00       Pewter

09h00 – 13h00       Knitting & Crocheting

10h00 – 13h00       Create your own My-Little-Pony Part 1

May 15th                                                      19h00 – 22h00       Subversive Cross-Stitch & Wine

May 17th                                                      09h00 – 13h00       Warm Glass

10h00 – 13h00       Create your own My-Little-Pony Part 2

May 22nd                                    19h00 – 24h00       Geek Quiz

May 24th                                                      12h00 – 17h00       Mosaicing & Decoupage

May 31st                                                       09h00 – 13h00       Beading

09h00 – 13h00       Acrylic Painting for Beginners

14h00 -  17h00       Teddies and Tea & Scones


Contact Karen on 076 793 3574 to book for any of these classes or make enquiries

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