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Starting a new business is never an easy thing, and those of you that have done so will understand just how hard it is. It takes an insane amount of hard work and meticulous planning, and completely takes over your life! It is like giving birth to a baby, putting every last second you have into making sure that this “little one” has everything that it needs to survive and prosper in the years ahead. So when you receive two fantastic reviews it is something that you want to shout about, loudly, and seeing as we don’t have a mountain handy, our website seems the best place to do this.

Please take a few moments to read the wonderful reviews below from and Joburg’s Darling. If you have been to The Fairy already then you will know what they are talking about. If you have not visited us yet, then perhaps the time has come to pop in and let your Geek side out.



“I wouldn’t dub myself the craftiest person on the planet, but sometimes I do try my hand at a few creative creations just for the hell of it. Lately, Crystal and I paid a visit to a little spot that has gotten my creative juices flowing and I’m dying to get crafting again.” Read the rest of the review here: JOBURG.CO.ZA


darling“I hate to admit it, but deep down, beneath this super girly facade, I’m a bit of a geek. I grew up with three older brothers and as a result, I’m into all sorts of stuff that girls aren’t really supposed to be in (apparently) – I’m talking things like superheroes, Star Wars, Back To The Future, vintage video games and old school animated TV shows like Biker Mice From Mars and He-Man – I love it all! So, you can imagine that when I discovered Fairy Goth Mother in Linden I pretty much freaked the heck out – the relatively new shop-slash-restaurant-slash-craft workshop is a geek paradise and I am beyond excited that it has come into my life. If you are a geek, or know and love a geek, then you simply must make a plan to get down to this spot like, yesterday.” Read the rest of the review here: JOBURG’S DARLING




Love and kisses from The Fairy

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