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The Fairy Goth Mother makes your crafty and creative dreams come true, while giving you an opportunity to explore your own creative side. Yes indeed, everyone has a creative side – it just needs to be inspired through your heart and out of your fingers! You will surprised at how talented you really are and how rewarding it is to create something.

The Fairy Goth Mother is a combination of Mary Poppins and Mortia Addams. We challenge you to get your Geek on: be proud of it and display it for everyone to see. You will be very pleasantly surprised at the results! Most of our products are geared towards the more eclectic side of life and we aim to bring a variety of different and innovative crafty and creative products.

You Little Artists are very special to us and we have loads of things for them to explore their own inner Geek – a very important milestone indeed! We encourage you to bring your Little Artists with you and either do projects with them, or take some time out with your mates and let us oversee their Arty Growth for a couple of hours.

Your Fairy Goth Mother is Karen Robinson, a stressed out corporate lawyer who bit her thumb at the world and proclaimed “life is too short to spend it doing something that doesn’t energise you completely”.  Let the team at Fairy Goth Mother help you find some hard-earned fun!

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  • Kim


    Love your stuff! Please give me an overview of the cost of your courses …

    Many thanks



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